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10 Most Common Cats Thoughts Paraphrased by a Human

If you love these paraphrasing funny cats, then you’d love paraphrasing, too. Paraphrasing improves your reading and comprehension as well as writing skills. It’s one of the methods used by professors and teachers in practicing their students’ skills in English. But then if you’re assigned to such an activity, you might be one of those that commit mistakes on it. For an idea, check out the following mistakes and tips to help you paraphrase effectively. And don’t miss your chance as well to observe our paraphrasing generator service.
paraphrasing funny cats

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Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Changing around or switching out a few words from the original sentence and then using it in the paper
  2. Not recognizing or citing the author through an in-text citation or using quotes
  3. Acknowledging the author using an in-text citation but not enclosing phrasing or sentences in quotation marks
  4. Writing with a similar sentence structure like that of the original

How to Paraphrase Correctly

paraphrase generator onlineRead and understand the passage. Read it a couple of times if you didn’t understand it in the first reading.
paraphrase generator onlineTake down notes – essential terms and keywords that you can use as a reference when rewriting later.
paraphrase generator onlineAvoid looking at the source when writing. It will just slow you down and it will not help you write with your own style.
paraphrase generator onlineCite the source of your information in text or using quotation marks.
paraphrase generator onlineIf you cannot reward specific terms or sentences, put them inside quotation marks to indicate that they’re not your wording or idea.

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What Paraphrasing Can Do for You

paraphrase generator onlineGet rid of plagiarism
paraphrase generator onlineShuffle word order
paraphrase generator onlineSuggest different words for substitution

3 Things That It Cannot Do

paraphrase generator onlineParaphrase a poem and summarize it
paraphrase generator onlineCreate smooth transition between sentences
paraphrase generator onlineRebuild sentence structure

Learning how to paraphrase correctly is an essential skill to possess, regardless of your industry. It can be used in essays, research papers, journals and all other written documents. By taking note of the mistakes to avoid, how to paraphrase effectively and how paraphrasing can help, you can do the task better.

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