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FAQs on How to Make Paraphrase

how to make paraphrase online with usIs there a difference between paraphrasing and summarizing?

Yes, paraphrasing is when you repeat what has already been said or written using your own words, while summarizing is very similar it only repeats the main points of the source in a much shortened version. Paraphrasing however, will seek to repeat every point and will this result in text that is similar in length to the original.

FAQ on our serviceCan I use an automatic paraphrasing tool for rewording online?

There are many sites that offer online paraphrasing through software that is often called a spinner. This works by swapping some or even all of the words for synonyms, words that mean the same. However the actual results are often very poor indeed as the software does not understand the context of the text and many words will have many different meanings dependant on the context within which they are used. So while you can use such best paraphrase generator the results are often complete nonsense.

FAQ on our service

How long does it take to paraphrase through your services?

When you sign up for our services you will be able to select the timeframe within which you need your work completing. This can be as quick as just 24 hours. We always ensure that our services are delivered on time within the deadline that you select.

FAQ on our service

Do you know how to make paraphrase text that is unique?

One of the main reasons for doing rewording is avoiding plagiarism. Paraphrase plagiarism is avoided by us providing our services through staff that fully understand the source text and all of the rules of plagiarism. In addition to their skills we also fully test all work for plagiarism prior to delivery.

FAQ on our service

Does your rewriter know how to make a paraphrase?

Yes; with more than 5 years providing writers and students around the globe with paraphrasing support we have built up a team of in excess of 200 experts that are fully qualified and experienced to help you. By selecting us you will get to work with a rewriting expert that holds a postgraduate degree in the subject area of the source text as well as being highly experienced in providing paraphrasing.

FAQ on our service

What happens if I am not completely happy with the paraphrasing provided?

All work that we do is provided to our clients in a draft format. We know that at times writing is subjective and you may wish to change the wording or structure that our experts have provided you. Our service allows unlimited revisions and our experts continue to work with you making those revisions until you are totally satisfied with the results of your paraphrasing.

FAQ on our service

Do you offer any guarantees with your services?

Yes, our services are highly professional and we cover our services with all of the following guarantees:

  • Guaranteed confidentiality through our services
  • Guaranteed delivery on time
  • Guaranteed error-free writing
  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back

So if you have any further questions on how to make paraphrase text unique or any other subject just contact our paraphrasing help today for answers or to make your order!